Symphony Orchestra

The Kamloops Symphony is the premiere  music organization serving the Kamloops region. Live orchestral music performances each month from September through May include the music of composers from around the world.

Attending this professional music concert will create a brand new appreciation for musical talent and the magic of captivating rhythms. Make evenings in Kamloops extra special and unique by taking in a production

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Western Canada Theatre is a Kamloops original theater company; proudly providing our community with creative and challenging, professional live theatre. Their mandate is to entertain, educate, enrich, and interact with the cultural mosaic of this community.

The company also promotes and assists the performing arts through the provision of educational, theatrical, and artistic opportunities and services; making a significant contribution to the development of the arts in Kamloops. 

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Upcoming Events

Fun and Entertainment this Fall

The Comic Strippers bring their male stripper parody and improv to the Sagebrush on September 15. The show is for all genders... 19+ only. No extreme nudity, just extreme hilarity! 
These guys are oiled up and ready to make you laugh. Winner of "Best Live Production" at The Canadian Comedy Awards 2016. 

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